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Jackie’s passion lies in the interface of mind-body practices and psychological-science. Research has now confirmed what has been taught in the ancient practice of yoga – that the mind and body are not separate entities, but rather, they are interconnected, affect one another, and together, affect our health.

Yoga can help us optimize our health by strengthening our mind-body connection. The practice allows for deepening our awareness of sensation and tuning into messages from the body, rather than taking our thoughts as truth.

As a yoga instructor, she is committed to offering a practice that helps people find freedom in their body so that they can find freedom in their mind. She is a believer in the transformative power of yoga and recognizes the importance of including the body in your work toward a better self.

As a doctoral student in clinical psychology, Jackie has a strong foundation in conducting research in clinical-science, understanding mental health, and practicing psychotherapy. She has specific interests in concentration difficulties, cognitive processes related to attention, mind-wandering, anxiety, and depression.

Ultimately, after Jackie completes her Ph.D., her career will integrate research, clinical practice, and teaching, with a continued emphasis on tying in mind-body practices, such as yoga.


Certified Yoga Instructor


Master’s Degree in Psychology, University of Iowa


Successfully passed dissertation defense!

2021 (expected)

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, University of Iowa